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10+ Best Facebook Marketing Tools for You to Try in 2024

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10+ Best Facebook Marketing Tools for You to Try in 2024

Facebook is not just one of the most popular social media platforms that unites millions of people throughout the world but also one of the most compelling marketing channels that can help you take your business to the next level, increase engagement, drive sales, attract new customers, or simply raise brand awareness.

Facebook marketing involves creating and using an individual business Facebook page. Such pages can help you in diverse marketing activities like building your online community, growing your customer base, communicating with customers, and increasing conversions.

Besides, it’s possible to launch highly effective ads to reach your target audience and get the most of your page. In terms of marketing, the potential of Facebook is immense. So, let’s discover some of the best Facebook marketing tools that will help you skyrocket your business.

Facebook Chatbot by SendPulse

Pricing: The Free plan allows you to create three bots and send up to 10,000 messages monthly. The pricing for the Pro plan with unlimited messages and bots depends on the number of active subscribers and starts from $9.60/mo when billed annually.

The service allows you to create auto-reply flows and send messages based on keywords that imitate live communication. That will help put customer support on autopilot and let your team do more important tasks.

SendPulse Chatbot Builder provides you with the following options:

  • widgets;
  • various types of messages;
  • schedulder;
  • RSS autopost;
  • auto replies;
  • GPT-3 integration;
  • detailed statistics on interaction with the chatbot.

The tool has an easy-to-navigate menu. You can add text, images, product cards, and files to your messages. It takes just one click to add a new bot and open a chat.

facebook marketing tools sendpulse
Creating a chatbot flow with SendPulse


Pricing: The pricing varies from €89/mo to €459/mo. Free trial is available.

Agorapulse is created to boost user engagement and make social media management much easier. With this service, you can schedule posts, communicate with customers, track followers, and get instant reports to blow up your Facebook presence.

This tool will provide you with the following features:

  • easy message management;
  • Facebook and Instagram ad comments management;
  • real-time collaboration with your team members;
  • flexible publishing options;
  • brand monitoring;
  • unlimited saved searches;
  • user roles assignment;
  • team notes sharing;
  • team activity reports;
  • Facebook ROI report;
  • competitors report;
  • deep audience analysis.

The screenshot below shows how to edit, customize, and post your content on Facebook through Agorapulse. Choose images, add hashtags, and share the content on all social media accounts simultaneously.

facebook marketing tool agorapulse
Publishing a post with Agorapulse


Pricing: Starter for $29/mo, Business for $99/mo, Agency for $199/mo, Brand for $499/mo. Free plan is available along with a free trial for any feature you’d like to test.

ShortStack helps marketers build a mailing list, collect user-generated content, and learn more about their audience with the help of contests, quizzes, giveaways, and landing pages. The tool has various options for social media marketing such as customized campaigns, comment or hashtag contests, and giveaways. Thus, you can not only increase sales but also promote engagement and growth of your audience.

Here are some useful ShortStack features:

  • contests for Facebook;
  • hashtag contests for Instagram and Twitter;
  • refer-a-friend contests;
  • photo contests;
  • personality quizzes;
  • real-time analytics.

Take a look at how the process of creating a photo-contest looks like:

facebook marketing tool ShortStack
Creating a photo contest with ShortStack


Pricing: Free trial available; paid pricing plans for $200/mo and $400/mo if paid annually.

SocialBakers is an AI-powered tool that assists businesses in running successful social media marketing campaigns. It helps with planning a strategy, analyzing your target audience, measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, and further improvement.

Below are some of the features SocialBakers offers:

  • audience analysis with AI-driven persona mapping;
  • effective publishing and scheduling of posts;
  • advanced collaboration tools;
  • granular influencer search;
  • simple vetting workflows;
  • effective brand advocacy;
  • unified content overview;
  • effortless content discovery;
  • analytics across all channels along with in-depth insights;
  • advanced competitor analysis.

The screenshot below shows how you can compare your performance effectiveness with the results of your competitors. You can also see the level of interaction and the number of promoted posts.

facebook marketing tools social bakers
Performance effectiveness report on SocialBakers


Pricing: A free trial is available. Regular monthly pricing is calculated based on the company details and desired product features.

The tool helps you increase your Facebook performance, maximize user reach, and get more engaged community. The service will assess your Facebook page by analyzing the most critical aspects that make a page succeed.

Here is a sneak peek at Likealyzer features:

  • social media analytics;
  • content marketing;
  • Facebook page rank;
  • competitor analysis;
  • helpful insights;
  • reporting.

Using Likealyzer, you can get a report with the list of trending keywords related to your post. It also can provide you with a heat map, which shows the most interested readers by countries.

facebook marketing tools likealyzer
Facebook page analysis carried out by Likealyzer

Fanpage Karma

Pricing: Free plan is available. Pro plan goes for €49/mo, Business for €149/mo, Enterprise for €249/mo.

Fanpage Karma helps companies increase social outreach with a bunch of analytical tools. You can gain insights into your Facebook page, use an editorial calendar to schedule and post content, automatically answer social media messages. Take the guesswork out of your social media marketing strategy and ensure a smooth workflow.

Fanpage Karma helps marketers to

  • analyze their brand’s profile on social media;
  • carry out detailed content analysis by keywords;
  • analyze trends;
  • get notified of new competitors’ posts and negative feedback;
  • monitor live-boards;
  • share dashboard with a team.

As you can see on the screenshot below, you get the detailed analytics on page performance, views, number of fans, overall engagement, and other aspects. Insights, analytics, tagging, and monitoring are also available.

facebook marketing tools funpage karma
Facebook page analysis carried out by Fanpage Karma


Pricing: 14-day free trial; Premium pricing plan for $149/mo, Business — $249/mo, Agency — $349/mo.

The service is created for optimizing Facebook marketing campaigns. It allows marketers to find out which ads work better in their strategy. Besides, the tool offers scheduling Facebook posts, adding particular campaign performance-based rules, and managing split tests.

Among other useful options Qwaya offers are the following:

  • campaign automation;
  • audience and ads A/B testing;
  • adding tracking URL based on Google Analytics;
  • creating ad templates;
  • graphical and Excel reporting.

The screenshot below shows the way you can create a Facebook link ad. Besides, you can use such options as text ads, photo ads, offer ads, and others.

facebook marketing tools qwaya
Creating a Facebook link ad

Post Planner

Pricing: There is no free trial; the paid plan pricing varies from $3/mo to $19/mo for individual use or small businesses.

This low-cost service allows you to increase engagement on your social media profiles and get better results by finding top-performing content. Get the ideas for your page based on the most performing posts, customize content schedule, and post across various social media.

Post Planner allows users to

  • discover trends;
  • filter keywords;
  • schedule posts;
  • manage content;
  • predict content performance;
  • create collections of content.

Here is how the list of published posts looks like. You can easily get the insights on each post performance such as the number of likes, clicks, or comments.

facebook marketing tools postplanner
List of published posts on Post Planner


Pricing: Pricing plans start from $15/mo and go up to $159/mo. Free trial is available.

This app helps businesses share valuable and engaging content to attract new customers, increase visibility, and get in touch with existing users. The time for managing your Facebook page will be reduced by 90%.

DrumUp helps marketers to

  • curate top content for their industry;
  • increase post visibility with hashtag recommendations;
  • measure engagement with DrumUp Analytics.

Look how easily you can create, manage, and schedule posts. The 1-Click Schedule option is especially useful as it allows managing posts in a matter of seconds.

drumup interface
Post scheduling on DrumUp


Pricing: Pricing options are based on marketing goals and company descriptions. To find out the price, contact the support team or leave a request. No free plan is available.

Driftrock is a multi-channel lead generation tool. It offers multiple options to promote your Facebook page, increase engagement, and improve lead quality.

This tool allows marketers to

  • extend email campaigns to Facebook;
  • reduce wasted ad spend with exclusions;
  • adjust Google Ads bids based on customer lists;
  • filter Google Similar Audiences;
  • downstream conversion tracking;
  • sync LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms leads to your CRM;
  • create personalized Facebook ads for local businesses;
  • get full control of your listings;
  • segment and analyze your leads;
  • generate leads on YouTube.

Below you can see how to manage custom audiences with Driftrock Flow. To make your posts more engaging and effective, you can work with existing audiences and create new ones to make your post as relevant and targeted as possible.

driftrock interface
Custom audiences management with Driftrock


These were the most useful and effective Facebook marketing tools. Choose the best one that might work for your service or product and give it a try. Explore all the potential of Facebook and be ready to get a broader audience, increased sales, and satisfied brand community.

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May 24, 2019

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