Errors when sending emails

To find out what’s not working with your mailings and why they haven’t drawn the response they should, we provide error reports during the sending and delivery of your mailings.

The most common errors with mailings are:

  • The address doesn’t exist
  • The email could not be delivered
  • The recipient’s mailbox is full
  • The email has been rejected by the server, spam
  • The domain doesn’t exist

This information is also presented in the service. It is shown as a chart and also as a text indicator of the percentages (100% represents the total number of errors that have occurred).

Why do I need error statistics?

You need these statistics to determine if problems are happening because of a mistake you made, or for reasons that are no fault of your own. 

Using this data, you can segment your mailing list in order to reduce the number of errors (remember that with a large number of delivery errors you are risking to get into the "black list" of senders and get domain locking).

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