Integration with Poptin

Email address, SMS, Mailing list, Third-party

Poptin is a powerful conversion optimization toolkit that allows users to convert more website traffic into email subscribers, leads, and customers through targeted pop ups and email forms. Packed with advanced features, this software makes it possible for you to drive more email sign-ups, generate more qualified leads, get instant customer feedback, and reduce cart abandonment easily and affordably.

What Does the Integration Do?

With Poptin and SendPulse integration, you can create engaging pop ups and email forms in minutes and sync visitor responses directly to your email list database. This way, you can automatically collect your new subscriber’s contact details without hassle.

How to Set up Auto-sync

Connect Poptin’s pop ups and contact forms with your SendPulse account by following these easy steps:

  1. Log in to your Poptin account. Click the pencil icon next to the popup you want to connect and click Edit Design.
  2. Go to the “Email and Integrations” tab and click Add Integration.
  3. Select “SendPulse” and copy your API Key and Secret Key from your SendPulse dashboard.
  4. Select the email list you want to add your pop up and form responses to, then click Save.

After you set up integration, all of the subscribers you collect with Poptin’s pop ups and contact forms will be passed to the mailing list you select. Then, you can start creating campings and set up trigger autoflows.

You can find a detailed guide on how to configure SendPulse’s integration with Poptin in the Poptin knowledge base.

If you have any additional questions about configuring the integration, you can contact the Poptin support team via online chat.

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