Integration with Wisernotify

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Wisernotify is a social proof notification & FOMO platform. It helps you build trust with your audience, increase conversions, and reduce bounce rate by receiving notifications and using urgency widgets.

Integration Features

Integrate Wisernotify’s webhooks with SendPulse, and start monitoring your sales or subscribers' data using social proof notifications in your Wisernotify account.

How to Integrate with Wisernotify

  1. Sign in to your Wisernotify account, and go to the “Integration” section. Find the “SendPulse” box in the “All Apps” tab, and click Connect.
  2. Enter a name for your webhook, and click Create. Copy the created webhook URL below.
  3. Sign in to your SendPulse account, and go to the “Account settings” > “API” tab.
  4. Сlick Create a webhook in the “Email service webhooks” section. Paste the webhook URL from Wisernotify, select the “New Subscriber” option, and click Save.

After saving the settings, SendPulse will start to automatically send events to Wisernotify about each new subscriber that you gain with SendPulse.

You can find a detailed guide on how to configure SendPulse’s integration with Wisernotify in the Wisernotify knowledge base.

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