With SendPulse, you can track the number of unique clicks when your subscribers:

  • open your email;
  • click on separate links; 
  • click on the image of your email campaign;
  • view attachments. 

Marketers track the number of clicks in every email because it is an opportunity to analyze results and improve the email marketing strategy. To see the statistics, click the "My campaigns" tab, choose a campaign, and go to "Campaign statistics." Here you can find the information about how many people opened your email. In "Campaign statistics," you will also see the "Click map" tab where you have an opportunity to take a look at which links work best in the email. You can see what this looks like in the example below. The unique clicks of each link are located in small green blocks. 

By analyzing how many people click on particular links, you can find out:

  • which calls-to-action are more productive;
  • which images your subscribers prefer;
  • what to use best: pictures, videos, or GIFs; and
  • if it is a good idea to attach files to your emails, and so on.

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