An editor is a user status that gives access to the email campaign's statistics reports and mailing books.

In this video, you'll get to know how to distribute user access levels in SendPulse.

The editor status allows you to create, edit, delete templates, and to create A/B tests and autoresponders. The following sections are also available to the editor: SMS sender name, sender email, unsubscribe links and unsubscribe page

The editor status is only one of the possible user access levels.

User Access Levels Include the Following Statuses:

  • Designer. This status gives access to the template section. The sections that are not available for them include mailing books and creating mailings.
  • Accountant. This status gives access to payment history, pricing plans, and balance. This status provides the right to change pricing plans and to pay for services.
  • Analytic. This status gives access to the email campaigns’ statistics and mailing lists. This status provides rights to view email campaign templates but forbids creating, editing, and deleting templates. This status also gives rights to view the split tests and autoresponders. 
  • Manager. This status has the same rights as the owner has. Also, the manager has access to pricing plans and can create users, mailing lists, archives, and subscription forms
  • Superman. This status, like the account owner, has full access to all sections.

Read this article to find out more about the editor and user access levels.  

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