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It’s a single page that stores all of your essential links — your blog, podcast, YouTube channel, chatbot for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram, etc. You can also place a subscription widget on this page to let your visitors subscribe to your email, SMS, or chatbot campaigns. With SendPulse, you can create a bio link page in no time and add it to your Instagram profile or other social media platforms.

There are three options to add a link to your Instagram account. You can place it in your bio for free, share it through your Stories if you have more than 10,000 followers, or use Story ads. By adding a link page to your Instagram profile, you can share more resources with your followers through a single URL.

To create a bio link page, you need a SendPulse account. Sign in and go to the ''Landing Pages'' section. Choose a template that suits your needs or create it from scratch. Choose the element you need from the left panel, arrange your page structure, and customize each element using the toolbar. You will see all of the changes to your template in real-time. For more information, check out our guide on adding multiple links to your bio.

You can add the following elements to your bio link page:

  • Text. Add a text block to your template. Change the font and size of your text, add a background image, set up indents, and use other formatting tools.
  • Cover. Use it to create a header for your bio link page. You can upload an image to be used as a cover or pull it in from your social media profile..
  • Carousel. Upload one picture or add a series of images. You can also use this element to add a video to your bio link page.
  • Button. Add buttons to your bio link page, add the necessary links to them, change the text, and customize your design. You can insert a link to a website, email address, or phone number to the button. There are also payment buttons available for accepting payments right from your bio link page.
  • Subscription form. Add a subscription form to your bio link page so visitors can sign up for your email updates.
  • Social media. Add social media buttons to allow your visitors to follow you on the social media platform they prefer.
  • Chatbots. Use this element to add a button to a chat and let your visitors subscribe to your Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram chatbot. If you have a chatbot created with SendPulse, the existing bot link will be pulled in automatically. If you have a chatbot created with another service, you should add the link manually. If you don’t have a chatbot yet, you can build one for free using the SendPulse Chatbot service.
  • Indent. Divide content on a bio link page using indents and lines.

Yes, you can create a bio link page with basic functions for free without coding.