Integration with OkayCMS

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OkayCMS is a free content management system that allows you to create an online store without programming skills. You can develop your design, import your products to a catalog and set up filters, create product cards, launch a blog for your company, and set up integrations with other services.

Integration Features

Connecting OkayCMS and SendPulse allows you to import the email addresses of website visitors who have joined your mailing list, placed an order, or registered on your site, directly into your SendPulse mailing list. Then, you will be able to create and send personalized and segmented campaigns or auto flows to each user.

This integration also lets you manage contacts and push notifications directly from your website admin panel.

How to Connect OkayCMS to SendPulse

  1. Place an order for the SendPulse module on the OkayCMS marketplace. After that, you will receive an email with your activation data.
  2. In the admin panel of your website, go to the “Modules” section > “My Modules” > “Upload modules,” paste the link from the email you received, and click Apply. The SendPulse module will appear in the list of your modules.
  3. Find the SendPulse module in the list of your modules, and click Apply.
  4. Log in to your SendPulse account, go to “Account settings,” open the “API” tab, and copy ID and Secret.
  5. In the “My Modules” tab, open the SendPulse module, and enter ID and Secret in the appropriate fields. Click Apply.

After saving the settings, OkayCMS will automatically send collected contacts to the SendPulse mailing list. You will be able to use this contact data to create and send email campaigns.

If you have any additional questions about configuring the integration, you can check the OkayCMS helpdesk or contact support via

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