Retailtainment is the combination of retail and entertainment. It implies different methods and techniques that provide customers with a unique experience without focusing on receiving payments. Brands evoke emotions and senses in customers to drive their interest.

In this article, we’ll unveil the benefits and examples of retailtainment.

Benefits of Retailtainment

Companies having a competitive advantage usually drive more attention and interest from consumers. Brands that want loyal customers and brand recognition should be ready to provide exceptional in-store experiences people will remember and recommend a business to their friends and family.

Retailtainment is a working marketing technique because it makes people recall brands. Recognition and awareness of a specific company and product will rise. Businesses reap many benefits after implementing this approach. They combine retail and entertainment to get

  • high brand loyalty;
  • competitive advantage;
  • customer insights;
  • word-of-mouth promotion;
  • the buzz around the brand;
  • better sales;
  • customer engagement;
  • more customers;
  • higher profits;
  • information about customer habits and behavior.

People also get more advantages from retailtainment rather than traditional selling techniques. They include:

  • interaction with a product;
  • memorable experience;
  • useful purchases;
  • emotional connection with a brand;
  • well-informed purchasing decisions.

Now that you know the pros of retailtainment, it’s time to jump into some examples. They will inspire you to use the strategy for your business.

Examples of Retailtainment

You can find various forms of retailtainment like displays, excellent customer service, classes, demonstrations, and refreshments. Brands do everything possible to ensure ultimate shopping experiences and make their product recognizable. In this section, we’ll review several examples of retailtainment that had great success.


Escentials, a brand that sells natural skincare and fragrances, invites visitors to use a complimentary fragrance consultation service. You can ask beauty advisors questions and identify your perfect fragrance with Escentials. Store workers will give you several perfumes to choose one that suits your taste.

Jo Malone

A British multinational cosmetics company, Jo Malone was established in 1990 and is now a popular brand because it implements the right marketing approaches. Jo Malone’s stores invite customers to use their five senses to feel the incredible smell of the brand’s perfumes and candles. The store’s workers employ imaginative designs, textures, and narratives to encourage senses and establish emotional connections. The company invites people to smell their products and choose the right one for their personalities.

The brand does its best to provide customers with the ultimate customer experience. Clients can get a complimentary hand massage with Jo Malone’s products and a relaxing experience. It helps visitors decide on the fragrance they want.



Although Apple has gained great popularity worldwide, it still strives to ensure an unforgettable shopping experience. The brand has one of the most prominent experiential stores where people can engage with the products directly. The brand replaced a central pay point with skilled roaming retail staff and genius bars to provide a seamless experience to customers. Apple focuses on consumers and strives to give them everything they want. Customers can try the products and make sure that they suit their purpose. After that, clients can shop for a product that meets their requirements and needs.


Released in 2023, Barbie is a film actively discussed on social networks. The Barbie team did everything possible to depict the perfect world of Barbie and Ken and raise serious topics in our society. Barbie’s marketing team collaborated with clothing brands and ensured eye-catching installations at cinemas for its viewers. The audience had the opportunity to take photos as a memory of a famous film. Cinemas worldwide included Barbie Dream House areas where fans could take pictures. Playgrounds consisted of slides, ball pools, and dressing rooms in Barbie style. As a result, both adults and children enjoyed the time before, during, and after the movie itself.

Source: Depositphotos


SK-II, the producer of Japanese facial treatment products uses retailtainment to engage with customers. The brand’s stores are equipped with Magic Ring devices. These devices make skin analysis and help evaluate skin quality and condition. It analyses five things: texture, firmness, radiance, spot control, and wrinkle resilience. Then, the device compares the customer’s skin with the standard skin of women at this age. Based on the results, beauty advisors recommend beauty products.

Congrats, now you know what retailtainment is and why it’s essential. Hope that our examples will help you choose your perfect strategy.

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