SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a website optimization for further website promotion in search engines rating.

The higher the position of your website occupies while searching, the higher the probability is that a user visits your site due to the reason that almost 100% of users use only the top three links while searching. Only about 20-50% of users visit the tenth link of the first page. The second page of a search engine is visited only by 10-20% of users. Therefore, any resource wishes to occupy the top 10 positions, but unfortunately, the number of competing websites is increasing, and it is not so easy to occupy the initial positions. That is why a question occurs: How to conquer this summit and to be a leader? SEO here is extremely useful. 

SEO is Divided into 3 Parts

The first part

It is the work inside the website. This work includes the correction of possible errors, adding or modification of the content, HTML-code of the website pages, interlinking, etc. This is so-called internal optimization. You should also take into account that the algorithms of various search engines differ.

The second part

It's the website development. At this stage, you have to bring the resource to the first positions with the help of the groups of events, performed out of the sites (on the other sites, forums), the aim of which is to increase the necessary reference mass and to promote the site according to the targeted requests, as well as to increase its authority. This process is called website promotion or external optimization.

The third part

It is the maintaining of the achieved positions and improving the results obtained. To keep the occupied areas you should observe both your own and your competitors’ results; change keywords, texts for links, and site content. 

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