Integration with is an AI form and survey builder that helps businesses improve website conversions and collect better data. With its help, you can create interactive widgets from scratch by using the drag-and-drop builder or choose from 350+ existing templates. Integration options Build automated lead pipelines to maintain audience engagement and nurture organic leads. Collect data and leads and automatically sync them to your SendPulse mailing lists and CRM pipelines. Use tools like logic jumps, hidden fields, embeds, pop-ups, and multiple outcomes to build surveys and widgets. All of these tools are visual, and they don’t require coding skills. How to integrate with To integrate SendPulse with, you need an active subscription to any of the paid plans or a 14-day free trial. The integration isn’t available for users of the Free plan. Create an account, or log in to your existing account. To connect to SendPulse, do the following: Go to the Integrations tab in the navigation bar, OR Select your project, click the dropdown menu on the project card, and select Connect. Under SendPulse, click Connect. Fill out the required fields: enter the internal connection name, and add your SendPulse API ID and Secret. Click Connect. Once you have connected the integration, you'll be able to see it on the list of available apps along with the name of your connection and the email address of the SendPulse connection you're using. Go to your integration settings, and select Contacts on Emails Lists or Contacts in CRM. If you opted for Contacts on Emails Lists, select a mailing list. If you opted for Contacts in CRM, select a pipeline, stage, and assigned team members. Map your project list fields to SendPulse variables. To learn how to do this, refer to the documentation. Test the connection. To learn more, refer to the documentation. Once you’ve set up the field mapping, either CRM fields or email variables – depending on your previous selection – will be sent to SendPulse automatically. For more information, refer to the documentation, or contact the support team.

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Integration with Creatio

Integrate your CRM with the SendPulse service for more effective marketing activities.


Integration with LeadBox

Extend the capacities of your current CRM with a service that can help you collect leads data from any traffic source.

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Integration with Skyvia

Upload contacts and leads from cloud CRM systems, accounting apps, eCommerce sites, and lots of other tools in SendPulse.

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Sage 100 US

Connect Sage to SendPulse and copy emails from Sage 100 to your mailing lists in SendPulse. Start sending email campaigns to your contacts automatically.

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SendPulse and Pipedrive

Send emails from Pipedrive account to your mailing lists in SendPulse. Send email campaigns to your customers automatically.

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Send push notifications to your employees, clients, and partners from your OneBox system directly

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Highrise CRM

Connect Highrise to SendPulse and automatically export contacts to your SendPulse mailing list, namely emails and names

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Vtiger CRM

Export personal info and emails of your clients form Vtiger to SendPulse mailing lists

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