Landing page creators are tools for creating websites without coding. They help marketers build customized landing and squeeze pages easily and swiftly.

Watch this video to learn how to create a professional-looking landing page for free in 15 minutes with SendPulse visual landing page builder.

Better yet, most landing page creators allow users to not only build pages but also to maintain leads the whole way down the lead funnel. Thus, they often offer additional built-in services or integrations.

If you struggle to find a service that matches your needs, read further. We’ll explain how to pick one and unpack the seven most interesting options.

What should I look for in a landing page creator?

The short answer is whatever features you need. To figure out what they are, try to describe your future landing page. If getting your head around it is still hard, check out the list below for some hints:

  • Free plan or trial. Testing the creator before paying for it helps reduce the odds of wasting your budget on an inconvenient tool.
  • Friendly intuitive interface. Most of the page creators on the market are based on a drag-and-drop principle. However, they have tons of differences; test several options, and go for the one you like the most.
  • Responsiveness to various devices. Roughly 52% of all traffic is mobile; your potential customers are likely to view your landing page on their phone screen. So, choose a page creator with a constructor for mobile versions of a page or that auto adapts page sizes for various devices.
  • Design freedom and templates. Ready-to-use designs allow you to build landing pages at a fast clip. On the other hand, the lack of customization won’t always yield the result you need. Try to find the perfect balance between design freedom and pre-made templates.
  • A customizable domain name. Regular links with the landing page creator’s name don’t look good. Go for builders that allow you to use custom domains.
  • Analytics. Professionals who use five or more analytics tools are 39% more likely to improve their marketing performance. To keep track of your landing page results and refine them, consider creators with built-in or integrated analytics tools.
  • A/B testing. Little things have the power to make or break your landing page performance. For instance, changing a CTA button’s color can increase your conversion rate by up to 21%. So, always look for a split test function in your landing page creator.
  • HTML, JS or CSS editor. Sometimes, even the most robust set of design features doesn’t give you enough freedom for website customization. You can solve this problem by adding your custom code if the landing page creator has an HTML, JS or CSS editor. 
  • SEO options. 70% of marketers consider SEO to be more effective than PPC ads. So, what is the point of neglecting this opportunity to attract leads and increase your ROI?

The good news is that the landing page creators we’ve picked for you have all of these features and more. Let’s look at our list closer to find out what opportunities are available for landing page building.

8 Best Landing Page Creators

The core of most landing page creators is a simple drag-and-drop editor allowing you to construct websites in minutes. However, builders on the market differ tremendously; they offer various degrees of design freedom and sets of features. We’ve picked seven services from straightforward to highly customizable to help you create killer landing pages.


SendPulse is a multichannel marketing platform that provides an easy-to-use landing page builder. It enables you to create a landing page, an online store, or link page for your social media bio. You need less than half an hour and no coding skills to design a responsive page. Just drag the necessary elements to your layout and edit them to your liking. 

SendPulse landing page builder

You can either choose a ready-made landing page template or create your own one from scratch. Add an image gallery, video, subscription form for users to opt-in for your emails and chatbots, live chat for your website, links to your chatbots and any other resources, connect payment options, design colors, fonts, and background to your liking. Make use of reports to track the views and clicks of your landing page and optimize it for a search engine. Follow this step-by-step guide to get started. 

Free plan: Available forever. No paid features.

Google Sites

The landing page creator from Google offers an easy-to-use editor for building landing pages step by step. Despite its limited functionality, this tool is handy for creating simple web pages. Not to mention it’s completely free.

Out-of-box customization is restricted to only nine landing page templates and six design themes. Each of them is responsive to various devices. However, you can widen these opportunities by adding custom HTML and JS code. Among other helpful design options, the header auto-adjusts for readability.

Google Sites supports integrations with other Google’s services: Analytics, Slides, Forms, Charts, and more. Also, it allows you to map your site to a custom domain name.

Free plan: Available forever. No paid features.


This simple landing page creator resembles Photoshop both visually and logically. So, if you’re familiar with Photoshop, using Unbounce will be a breeze.

The tool allows you to create desktop and mobile pages, pop-ups, sticky bars, and AMPs. For each of them, Unbounce offers a huge variety of templates. The service has integration with Unsplash, allowing you to find images in-house.

Whatever you go for – using a pre-built template or creating your page from scratch – Unbounce gives unbounded customization opportunities. You can take advantage of them by using the service’s tools or your custom HTML, JS, or CSS code.

Thanks to the Dynamic Text Replacement function, Unbounce helps to match a PPC ad with a landing page on the go. A smart traffic feature increases personalization by automatically adjusting landing pages to a visitor’s attributes: location, type of device, visitor behavior, and more.

Unbounce allows you to publish landing pages on your domain or WordPress site. For lead nurturing, the tool has integrations with 1000+ marketing services, including Google Analytics, Zapier, Slack, and more.

Free plan: 14-day trial.

Paid plan: From $72 monthly.


This service allows you to create both landing pages and multi-page websites. Wix is easy to use, and the editor is intuitive.

For an easier creation process, Wix offers users to start with one of its 500+ pre-built optimized themes. To reduce the odds of spending hours choosing a template, try Wix ADI. This tool will create a website for your business automatically – all you have to do is answer a few questions. In return, Wix will offer three adjustable landing page designs.

The customization options are colossal. You can add animated and video backgrounds, go for scroll effects, choose from 100+ fonts or upload your own, and use pre-designed blocks.

Apart from landing page creation, Wix takes care of attracting and nurturing leads. The service provides you with a personalized SEO plan and analytics, social and email marketing tools, and visitor analytics. Also, Wix supports integration with extraneous platforms, such as Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Crazyegg, and more.

Free plan: Available forever.

Paid plan: From $13 monthly. Includes extra bandwidth and storage, domain connection, Wix ads removal, Google Ads vouchers, site booster, visitor analytics, payment acceptance, and more.


This tool is perfect for teamwork and collaboration. It includes five workspaces and five team members on a free plan and even more on paid ones.

The simple-to-use editor allows you to build a landing page from pre-designed instablocks. They imply several adjustable variants for each type of page block – headers, showcases, testimonials, and more. Once you’ve tailored a block to meet your needs, you can save it as a template. To get your site online quickly, Instapage offers 500+ customizable layouts.

Apart from abundant design options, Instapage has other advantages. Taking care of your mobile presence, the service forbids you from publishing your landing page without creating a mobile version. To boost conversions, Instapage has the Thor Render Engine; it allows speeding up a landing page’s loading times.

The service claims to have the largest integration ecosystem on the market. It includes advertising, analytics, call tracking, CRM, eCommerce, email marketing, automation, and other types of services.

Like Unbounce, Instapage supports the technology for matching your PPC ads and landing pages and personalizing the post-click experience. Also, it offers A/B testing and multiple campaign management tools.

Free plan: 14-day trial.

Paid plan: From $149 monthly.


This service positions itself as a tool for creating landing pages that go viral. How does KickoffLabs achieve that effect? Each lead gets credits for the number of friends they share your page with. Their Advanced Fraud Protection tool prevents mucking up your campaign.

The KickoffLabs’ editor requires some time to get familiar with it and adjust to its mechanics. The service offers 45+ highly customizable templates. To tailor them further or apply your design, go for the CSS or HTML editor. All pages are responsive, so you don’t have to build a second version of your website for mobile devices.

KickoffLabs provides users with A/B testing, exit intent pop-ups, and other types of widgets to bring in more leads. Apart from this, the service offers an email marketing tool, CRM, viral boost analytics, and a lead demographic data tool.

Free plan: Available forever for one campaign and 500 unique visitors per month.

Paid plan: From $79/month for five campaigns and 20,000 unique visitors per month. Includes custom domain URLs, unlimited entries, no KickoffLabs branding, viral boost, email marketing tool with various templates, SMS contests, A/B testing, lead notifications, integrations, Advanced Fraud Prevention, custom email domains, API access, and more.


The service has a manageable interface, which makes website creation no brainer. With Tilda, you construct web pages from 450+ pre-designed customizable blocks. Can't find the one you need? You can create a new block with the zero block option. To customize the page even more, embed HTML, JS, or CSS code.

All Tilda landing pages are adaptive to various devices by default – there is no need to create a stand-alone version for mobile devices and tablets. Also, the service is search engine friendly. To reduce page load times, Tilda hosts images on geographically distributed servers.

The service offers A/B testing to refine your webpage results, a form builder to create custom forms, and a UTM tag builder to instantly create links for ads, social networks, and other resources. Also, you can use Tilda’s built-in CRM and an email campaign builder.

Tilda supports integrations with a robust set of services, including Google Analytics, SlideShare, Trello, Pipedrive, AmoCRM, PayPal, and SendPulse. Apart from it, the service has an on-site analytics service, which allows you to track the number of visitors, their activity, and see your most popular pages.

Free plan: Available forever for one website and a limited set of features.

Paid plan: From $10 per month. Includes custom domain support, Google Analytics integration, Facebook pixel, SEO recommendations, Google search console, HTTPS settings, page redirects, favicon editing, websites export, form data collection services, payment services, custom CSS-code, and more.


This landing page creator allows you to build websites insanely quickly by using dozens of templates. The interface is minimalistic, and most tools are intuitive. Others, however, are a bit trickier. For instance, text can be customized by applying markdown language. It’s ok if you don't know anything about this format – Carrd will give you easy instructions.

Design options are restricted with many pre-made themes only allowing you only to reorder the blocks. However, you can always add a new block by clicking the “+” button and choosing a container. Or add text, visuals, timers, and more to existing blocks. Carrd automatically adjusts new blocks and visuals to match the main theme.

The service allows adding audio, videos, widgets, custom code, and IFRAMES. Landing pages made with Carrd are responsive and look great at every screen size out of the box.

Carrd supports integrations with MailChimp, GetResponse, Stripe, PayPal, Typeform, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and other services.

Free plan: Available forever for three websites.

Paid plan: Roughly $1.5 a month ($19 a year). Includes custom domains, forms, additional landing pages, widgets and embeds, Google Analytics integration, Carrd branding removal.

A Quick Overview of the Best Landing Page Creators

We’ve unpacked quite a few popular landing page creators with various functionalities and pricing. Let’s sum up the key information about them in the table below.

Landing page creator Free Plan Paid Features Starting Price per Month
SendPulse Available forever –  – 
Unbounce 14-day trial
  • Up to 500 conversions;
  • up to 20,000 visitors;
  • one connected domain.
Google Sites Available forever –  – 
Wix Available forever
  • Extra bandwidth and storage;
  • domain connection;
  • removing ads;
  • Google Ads vouchers;
  • site booster up;
  • visitor analytics;
  • accepting payments.
Instapage 14-day trial
  • Thor Render Engine;
  • post-click score;
  • AdMap;
  • multi-step forms;
  • A/B testing;
  • heatmaps;
  • conversion analytics;
  • dynamic text replacement;
  • integrations;
  • SSL encryption;
  • GDPR compliance;
  • Google single sign-on (SSO).
KickoffLabs Available forever for a mini-campaign with 500 unique impressions a month.
  • Custom domain URLs;
  • unlimited entries;
  • KickoffLabs branding removal;
  • viral boost;
  • autoresponder emails;
  • reward level emails;
  • influencer emails;
  • SMS contests;
  • A/B Testing;
  • lead notifications;
  • standard integrations;
  • Advanced Fraud Prevention;
  • custom email domains;
  • custom email templates;
  • API access.
Tilda Available forever for one website and a limited set of features.
  • Custom domain;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Facebook pixel;
  • SEO recommendations;
  • Google search console;
  • HTTPS settings;
  • page redirects;
  • favicon editing;
  • websites export;
  • form data collection services;
  • payment services;
  • custom CSS-code.
Carrd Available forever for three websites and a limited set of features.
  • Custom domains;
  • forms;
  • additional landing pages;
  • widgets and embeds;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Carrd branding removal.
Roughly $1.50 per month ($19 a year).

Landing page creators are handy tools for making websites in minutes without coding. To get great results for a reasonable price, test several services and find one that matches your needs. Chances are you wouldn’t need a builder with the most robust set of features right away.

Without post-click communication and lead nurturing even the most attractive landing page will fall flat. Get started with SendPulse to drive your leads down the funnel via email marketing and boost ROI with other tools — SMS messages, web push notifications, and chatbots.

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