Outbound marketing is traditional marketing, which appeared long before the invention of the Internet, and it is used up to this day.

Watch this video to find out the difference between inbound and outbound marketing!

The most popular outbound marketing channels are telemarketing (cold calls), direct mail (physical mailing), advertising in the media (TV, radio, printed, outdoor, banner advertising, etc.), exhibitions, etc.

Outbound marketing is also called distracting, as communications via the channels mentioned above are rarely expected: people watch TV, listen to the radio and read magazines, not for advertising. Their goal is exciting and useful information (content).

Features of Outbound Marketing:

  • Brings a quick result;
  • Due to its traditional nature, this strategy is easily perceived by the persons who administrate budget;
  • Due to its "product-orientation," outbound marketing works only on those customers who plan to purchase very soon.
  • To increase the flow of customers, you need to increase the budget proportionally.
  • Consumers perceive advertising and other types of outbound marketing less and less, so to increase the "penetrative power" of the message and to circumvent the mental filters of the consumer, it is necessary to attract expensive specialists: marketers, advertisers, PR specialists, etc.
  • High competition - everyone "does it."
  • High entry possibilities for such types of marketing as TV advertising, media advertising on visited portals.

So, outbound marketing involves significant expenses. Besides, it provides consumers with little education, and content is not always of high value.


  1. The article defines outbound marketing.
  2. The article compares outbound marketing to the inbound methodology.
  3. The article considers the difference between inbound and outbound marketing.
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