A webinar invitation email is an email sent to subscribers to invite them to a webinar. With SendPulse, you can send automated webinar invitation emails for free.

Why is it important to send webinar invitation emails?

Undoubtedly, webinars are a marketers friend. They can be a great source of traffic to your site, facilitate brand recognition, help maintain your online presence, teach potential clients how to make the most out of your product, and boost sales.

Email is one of the best channels to reach these goals. Let’s check out some statistics about webinars and email marketing.

  • The software and technology industry make up 29% of all the webinars produced. It’s no surprise, people don't want to spend hours investigating the technical side of things by themselves.
  • 45% of brands use email as their main channel to promote a webinar. Choosing any paid promotion channel, you'll have to invest money and let's admit, you will never know for sure if your campaign has targeted the right people. While the situation with email promotion is completely different. Firstly, you can send it to speсific mailing list segments that are most likely to attend your webinar. Secondly, you can automate the entire process and avoid human error. And thirdly, you can choose a service like SendPulse that offers free tools.

In addition, a professional email service allows marketers to schedule and automate sending webinar reminders without any technical skills required.

How can I create a webinar invitation email to drive registrations?

  1. Choose the right segment
  2. Write a relevant subject line
  3. Add an eye-grabbing image
  4. Include all the details of the webinar

Think of a webinar like a party, its quality depends on the people you invite. You won't have fun with people who have no idea why they were invited. Make sure you communicate with people that are interested in your brand.

Let's move on to creating a webinar invitation email.

Choose the right segment

This choice depends on the topic you're going to cover. The more specific it is, the more you should focus on the mailing list. If a user just registered with your service, inviting them to a webinar for advanced clients looking for sophisticated solutions isn't the best idea. If you want to provide some of the basic information required for using your service, inviting beginners and fresh registrants is your best move.

With an email service like SendPulse, you can easily segment your audience according to different criteria, or use ready-made segments. Follow this step-by-step guide.

Write a relevant subject line

Your subject line is your only chance to drive attention to your webinar since it's the first thing subscribers see in their inbox.

Be straightforward — don't try to reinvent the wheel. Let subscribers know that you're inviting them to a webinar from the very first words. Include its topic into the subject line to increase the CTR. Lots of brands put [webinar] at the beginning of a subject line to drive user attention when scrolling down their inbox.

In this email subject line, the brand states the topic and uses the preheader to support their subject and provide users with more information before they even open the email.

A relevant email subject line

Make sure that you send your webinar invitation email from a familiar sender. The best method is to use the name of the speaker or a person responsible for running webinars, and the company’s name. This way, you’ll have some credibility and trust, as well as more clicks. The example above demonstrates this.

One more way to create an intriguing subject is to use personalization. Nothing unusual for email marketing, but personalization will make your email stand out in subscribers’ inbox.

A personalized email subject line

Add an eye-grabbing image

An image is the first thing that drives user attention after opening your email. Remember that the image should relate to the topic of your webinar, so keep away from using stock images.

Everything depends on your industry. You can use an image to demonstrate the intended result of your webinar — i.e. what your registrants are supposed to do, for example, a knitted sweater or a logo designed in Photoshop. Also, you can create an infographic with all the necessary data regarding your webinar.

Yesware uses an image to explain the issues they’re going to cover, introduce the speakers, and tell recipients about the date and time of the webinar.

An eye-catching image

Include all the details about your webinar

Include the following aspects:

  1. Time, date, and duration.
  2. The topic and questions you’re going to cover.
  3. Speakers. If the speakers are well-known specialists, add their photos, mention their occupation and specialization.
  4. Value. You should answer the question “How will I benefit from watching this webinar?” Create a list of skills the users will obtain after watching your webinar.
  5. The link. Create an attractive CTA that will allow users to register for your webinar. Write something like “Register”, “Join the Webinar”, “Save my Seat”, or “Reserve my Spot.”

This webinar invitation email sent by Litmus includes all the important details a user needs to attend their webinar.

A webinar invitation email sent by Litmus

How to send a webinar invitation email with SendPulse

With an intuitive drag and drop editor, you can create a webinar invitation email by dragging the necessary elements to your campaign. You can add text, pictures, buttons, videos and edit their design to your liking. If you have 500 or fewer subscribers on your mailing list, you can send them emails for free. Below you can see a webinar invitation email created with SendPulse.

Creating a webinar invitation email with SendPulse

Follow this guide to create an email campaign.

Read this article to send reminder emails with Automation 360.

5 Best Practices for Creating a Highly Converting Webinar Invitation Email

  1. Keep time zones in mind.
  2. Let users submit questions before the webinar.
  3. Send reminders.
  4. Send a recording of your webinar.
  5. Allow users to add your webinar to their Calendar. 

Now that you know how to design and send effective webinar invitation emails, we will share five best practices to help you create campaigns like a pro.

  1. Keep time zones in mind. You may have clients from all over the world, so it’s better to take care of all the technical side of things in advance. To let more users join you, convert time according to different time zones or add a link to your email suggesting the following “Convert to my time zone.” You can use some of the converters available.
  2. Let users submit questions before the webinar. If you’re going to cover some broad topics, allow users to think over their questions in advance. This way, you’ll discover the pain points of your clients and your speakers will have a chance to better prepare for the event. Add a link to your webinar invitation email and assign a person responsible for collecting any frequently asked questions.
  3. Send reminders. People are great procrastinators. They can be genuinely interested in your webinar but forget about it, especially if it was announced more than a week in advance. Send a series of three emails: a week before the event, a day before, and the day of. All you need is to use a marketing service like SendPulse to send email reminders automatically for free.
  4. Send a recording of your webinar. Of course, users will be more motivated to join an exclusive webinar but if your speakers are top-notch specialists in their field, you’d better record the webinar and send it to your loyal clients. Besides, you can use this recording as a lead magnet for your subscription form.
  5. Allow users to add your webinar to their Calendar. Provide this option right in your email campaign. Lots of people use Google Calendar to stay on top of important events so let them receive alerts and notifications on the platform they already use.

Examples of Webinar Invitation Emails

We’ve already shared some great examples of creating an effective webinar invitation email and want to grow this collection for your inspiration.

In this email, SEJ clearly states the topic, time and date of the webinar as well as outlines the main discussion topics.

A webinar invitation email sent by SEJ

Marketing land provides a link to learn more about their upcoming webinar and tells the registrants will receive a recording of the event. This way, they can significantly increase the number of registrations.

A webinar invitation email sent by Marketing Land

In this webinar invitation email, PinPointe outlines what the speaker is going to talk about and motivates people to register by sending a Digital Marketing Transformation Framework flowchart to the attendees right after the event.

A webinar invitation email sent by PinPointe

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