How to Add Custom Code to Your Site

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You can install additional code from a third-party service in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your website page. Use this tool to connect analytics scripts, add widgets, animations, and more.

Go to the “Landing pages” section, select your site, and click Site Settings.

Go to the "Custom code" tab and click Add code to site.

Choose where to place the code — <head> or <body> sections.

Enter a name for the code you add and then add the code.

Make sure you copy all of the code you need — including the opening and closing tags. Pay attention to which section you place it on your site.

Click Add.

After adding the code, republish your site and check the result of running the code.

Please note that there are no restrictions on the inserted code, but the external code may incorrectly affect your site. Check the result of code execution on the site after you publish it.

In case of incorrect script execution, or if you have other questions about the work of the code, contact the support of the service from which you copied the code.

You can also view the added code and edit it. To do this, go to the site settings, the "Custom code" tab, click on the site to view the code, and use in the drop-down menu opposite to edit it.

Read our article "How to Index a Site on Google" for an example of adding code.

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