Flow Elements

How to work with flow elements

  • How to work with the A360 builder

    Last Updated: 13.03.2024

    With Automation 360, you can implement CRM, Courses, web push notifications, chatbots, and email campaigns in a single funnel and set up a flow scenario to automate your communication with customers.

  • Automation launch triggers

    Last Updated: 02.04.2024

    With SendPulse, you can send automations using launch triggers in Email, CRM and Courses services, and sending custom events.

  • Element execution time

    Last Updated: 02.01.2024

    You can choose exactly when to execute an element in the flow, such as sending an email and a message or filtering contact data, regardless of when the contact reaches that element.

  • Automation 360 elements

    Last Updated: 02.01.2024

    With the help of flow automation, you can create custom scenarios and send out a series of emails to each customer branch triggered by any possible event and based on customer data. All of your flow elements can be dragged to the working field by left-clicking on them.

  • Email element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 02.01.2024

    With the help of the Email element, you can send an email to a subscriber to notify them about a new purchase, order status change, or new products on the site or invite them to a webinar.

  • Messenger element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 02.01.2024

    You can implement multiple communication channels in Automation 360 autoflows and add sending messages from Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Telegram chatbots to your flows.

  • Viber element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 02.01.2024

    In SendPulse's Automation 360, you can add a Viber element to send service messages, for example, about order confirmation and status, delivery of goods, or debiting or crediting bonuses.

  • SMS element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 02.01.2024

    With the SMS element, you can include SMS campaigns in your automation flow.

  • The Filter element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 18.04.2024

    Use the filter to segment your audience by their preferences, client status, and other personal data. It can help you interact with your clients better: send targeted messages, send webhooks to your system, assign or update variables and tags, create deals in CRM, and more.

  • Condition element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 25.06.2024

    Using the Condition element, you can build an automation flow based on the subscriber's actions.

  • Action element in Automation 360

    Last Updated: 12.07.2024

    With the help of the Action element, you can make the contact undergo different processes when they get to the element.

  • The Pause element in Automation360

    Last Updated: 09.01.2024

    Pause is an element that helps control how contacts progress through your flow and set a start time and condition for your next element. For example, you can set a period of time during which a contact won't receive any messages. It can be a specific time, day of the week, date, or time interval.

  • How to set up sending webhooks to your system

    Last Updated: 02.04.2024

    A webhook is a mechanism for notifying a system about events. Using webhooks in Automation 360 is a way to notify your system about events that happen.

  • How to set up a conversion count

    Last Updated: 22.12.2023

    In business, a conversion happens when a user performs a target action. For automations, it could be opening an email, clicking on a link, launching a bot, getting a custom event like Purchase or Register, and so on.

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