How to set up a conversion count

In business, a conversion happens when a user performs a target action. For automations, it could be opening an email, clicking on a link, launching a bot, getting a custom event like Purchase or Register, and so on.

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How to activate a conversion count

To set up a conversion count, add a Goal element after the target element, or activate Count stop as conversion in the start element when you receive an event from your site.

Method 1: Using the Goal element

You can place a Goal element after any item in your flow.

For example, to count link clicks as conversions, follow these steps:

  1. Select any starting element. In our example, this is changing a deal stage in your CRM from New to In Progress.
  2. Add an Email element and select an email subject and template.
  3. Add a Condition element with a Click on link condition and select a link to confirm the order data.
  4. In the condition settings, add a trackable link from the email.
  5. Add a Goal element to the Yes branch and enter a name for the Goal. In this way, all users who click a specific link in the monitored email will be considered converted.

You can combine different elements to build scenarios according to your strategy and add a Goal element after the element you want.

You can also activate the Stop series for subscriber after triggered Goal option to end the flow for a subscriber.

Conversions are not displayed in completed series unless you have activated this option.

Method 2: By stopping the series by event

You can count as a conversion the stopping of a series for a subscriber when any event is received. For example, you can count as a conversion the Purchase event in a series with the start of the Abandoned cart event.

Select the start element of the flow. An Event stop option is possible for any start.

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In the start element of your flow, activate the Stop by event option.

Select the event that you want to stop the series when you receive it.

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Activate the Count the stop as a conversion option.

Continue to set up your flow.

Once your selected event is received, sending all subsequent items for a particular user will stop and the conversion will be counted.

Where to view conversions

To see the conversion count for the Goal element, go to your flow view, and you will find the indicator next to the Goal element.

Your element can have the following statuses:

Expects Contacts are waiting to be processed.
Done Contacts that reached the Goal element and converted.

You can view the total conversion for all Goal elements and count conversions when stopping the series in the automation in your automation statistics.

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