How to work with a sales pipeline and manage deals

  • Pipeline Basics

    Last Updated: 04.12.2023

    A CRM sales pipeline is a consolidated list of deals for people at different stages of communication with your brand. A pipeline allows you to track information on your progress with a particular lead or customer.

  • How to Work with Deals

    Last Updated: 28.12.2023

    A deal is a card in your CRM dashboard that helps you evaluate your interactions with customers at different stages of the sales funnel. The main task of a CRM platform is to record all the requests from leads in the sales pipeline.

  • How to Work with Deal History and Comments

    Last Updated: 22.11.2023

    When working in sales or project management, you need to track a multitude of deals and interact with your team. To build your workflows effectively, you can view deal history, leave comments, and attach documents to discuss them with the team.

  • Sources of Automatically Added Deals and Contacts

    Last Updated: 22.11.2023

    You can add deals manually or set up integrations to automatically create deals after communicating with a client on one of the communication channels. Integrate CRM with chatbots, email services, landing pages, payment systems, pop-ups, subscription forms in SendPulse, and other services.

  • How to Generate Payment Links in CRM

    Last Updated: 22.11.2023

    You can create payment links in your CRM system and share them with customers. This will make their payment process more comfortable, and your accountants will have another tool for reporting.

  • How to Work with the Calendar

    Last Updated: 31.03.2023

    With the help of our CRM calendar, you can view your deals by date to manage your resources more efficiently and see how much time you need to complete a deal.

  • How to View CRM Statistics

    Last Updated: 21.09.2023

    With the help of a CRM dashboard, you can view aggregated visual representations of information on all your pipelines, deals, and team members to monitor and analyze work efficiency.

  • How to View Closed Deals

    Last Updated: 31.03.2023

    In SendPulse CRM, you can view and filter information on closed deals, as well as reopen closed deals to work.

  • How to export deals

    Last Updated: 01.03.2024

    You can export certain deal data from your CRM system to a file to use them for reporting, process them in a table, or import them to other storage services. You can also transfer deals to another pipeline and continue working with them there.

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