Statistics and analytics

How to view analytics, payment history, and student activity data

  • How to view student payment data

    Last Updated: 28.02.2024

    Analyzing payment statistics can help you identify user behavior trends and your most popular paid course topics to optimize business workflows and drive revenue.

  • How to view your course analytics

    Last Updated: 29.04.2024

    You can view student progress statistics for all your courses in Courses section. This will help you understand how difficult or easy your course is and track your students’ performance. You can also monitor student engagement, payments, questions, tests, and certificates received.

  • How to view course data on your dashboard

    Last Updated: 21.05.2024

    With our online course dashboard, you can get all the necessary info about your courses, including the number of students and their performance, questions, and payment updates. This will help you monitor your students’ progress and analyze their involvement in the learning process.

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