How to View Closed Deals

In SendPulse CRM, you can view and filter information on closed deals, as well as reopen closed deals to work.

For example, you can view the total number of closed deals or closed deals for a specific client and other filter parameters to analyze the performance.

Go to the "CRM" section. Select the pipeline for which you want to view closed deals and click Closed deals.

How to View General Information on Closed Deals

In the list, you will see closed deals with their stage, amount, team members, and other attributes.

Above you can see the total number of closed deals and their amount.

How to View Detailed Information on Closed Deals

To view detailed information on a deal, click on the required pipeline in the list. In the "General" tab, you can see the deal contact, creation date, deal amount, and other information.

Also, here you can associate a deal with a new contact and add a note.

Please note that you can only change the deal amount for active deals.

In the "Payments" tab, you can see more information on deal payments: payment system, amount, description, status, and date.

The selected payment system provides details on all payment statuses. For more information, we recommend contacting your payment service provider’s support team.

In the "Email" tab, you can view the integration of the client's email address with CRM. The "Email" tab is currently under development.

How to Reopen a Deal

To return a deal to work, select a deal in the list and click Reopen.

Select the deal stage and click Save.

How to Display Closed Deals by Stage

At the top, you can select the stage by which you want to view the deals — "Successful," "Unsuccessful," or "All."

How to Display Closed Deals by a Specific Filter

To display deals with specific data, click "Filter" and select a filter. You can filter deals by creation or completion date, status, team member, contact, or amount and currency of the deal. Click Select.

To add or remove filter options, click "Change filter fields."

Select the fields you want to display or remove and click Select.

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