Automation Launch Triggers

With SendPulse, you can send automations using launch triggers in Email, CRM and EDU services, and sending custom events.

Flow start events require at least one of these two variables: email or phone

In total, you can add up to 100,000 contacts per day to all flow starts in your account. The counter is reset every day at 00:00 by time zone from the account settings.

Click a trigger category, and select a trigger.

Email Service Trigger

Add Subscriber

The “Add subscriber” trigger launches an automated flow when a subscriber is added to the selected mailing list. Select a mailing list you want to track.

Email addresses can be added from different sources. For example, you can add them to a mailing list manually, via integrations with external resources, using the “Adding contacts” API method, via subscription forms made with our bulk email and pop-up services or website builder, when adding a bot subscriber, or when copying or moving a subscriber in Automation360.

You can also run an automated flow for an entire mailing list again. Learn more: How to Run an Automated Flow for a Mailing List.

It is possible to limit the number of scenario launches and choose the frequency of flow launches for repetitive events. For example, if a customer hasn't paid for their orders from different sellers on the marketplace, you can configure your automated pipeline to not send abandoned cart notifications for each order separately.

Turn on the "Start when contact is added to the flow again" toggle. In the next field, choose the frequency: "Everytime," "Once a week," "Once a month," or "Custom," where you can set your own number of days.

Special Date

Start your flow with the "Special date" trigger, when you need to start the sequence after the "Date" variable on your mailing list gets a specific value.

Special date events are usually used to send clients messages on important dates or to inform customers about the upcoming expiration of their subscription. Naturally, the mailing list must contain that variable.

Contact Webhook

Starting your flow with the "Contact webhook" trigger tracks actions of subscribers, who have somehow reacted to an email: opened it or clicked a link in the message.

Change Variable

Start your flow with the "Change variable" trigger, when the value of a specific variable on the mailing list changes. To choose this type specify a mailing list that will be monitored for updates.

This event also offers an option to set a specific value for the variable to trigger the flow starts when the variable receives it.

CRM Trigger

Create Deal

The “Create deal” trigger launches an automation flow when a deal is created in CRM.

Select a pipeline, and add additional conditions you want to track: deal stage and deal source.

You can set a limit for your flow launches. For example, send messages asking for feedback no more than once every 30 days, even if a customer makes orders more often.

Turn on the "Start when contact is added to the flow again” toggle, and choose the frequency: "Everytime," "Once a week," "Once a month," or "Custom," where you can set your own number of days.

You can also send a campaign using all contact info specified in a CRM contact card, for example, send it to several phone numbers or email addresses. To send messages using only primary contact info from CRM cards, turn off the “Send to all contact's email addresses or phone numbers” toggle.

Change Deal Stage

With the "Change deal stage" event, a flow starts when a deal stage changes, for example, from "In progress" to "Successfully closed." You can also start your flow by changing the deal type and source.

EDU Trigger

Add Student

This trigger starts a flow when a student registers for a course. Students can enroll in a course themselves, or instructors can add them and send invitation emails.

Receive the Students’ Payment

This trigger starts a flow when a student successfully pays for a course. For example, you can send a student an automated message about their successful payment and start onboarding them.

Grant Course Certificate

This trigger starts a flow when a student receives a certificate. For example, you can use this trigger to congratulate students with their successful course completion and show where they can download a certificate.

Complete Course

This trigger starts a flow when a student meets all course completion criteria. For example, you can congratulate students with their successful course completion and recommend a new course.

Add New Lesson to Course

This trigger can help you notify students about new lessons instantly.

Custom Event Trigger

An event is a trigger that you need to integrate with your server and send to SendPulse to run a flow.

Read more: How to Create Events.

Select an event to start a flow.

You can also use the “Use variables from the mailing list” option if, for example, you cannot pass data via an event.

Contact info in a mailing list has to match the email or phone variables in an event so that you can use their values for a contact.

View Element Statistics

To view information about a start element, exit the editor, and hover over the required element in the "Flow" tab. You will see how many times it was executed.

To view detailed information about an element, click it. A panel with your element settings and statistics will open.

In the first section, you can click an element ID and start editing the element.

You cannot change your flow start trigger, but you can edit its additional settings.

In the second section, you can find detailed information about your start trigger. If you have an email service trigger, you will go to your mailing list; if you have a custom event trigger, you will go to your event settings; and if you have a CRM trigger, you will go to your pipeline.

In the last section, you can find your contacts and dates when your automation was last launched for them. You can also filter your results and export them.

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