Automated Series: Create and Customize the Sending of Push Messages

Automating web push notifications means creating and sending push notifications systematically when these notifications are scheduled.

You can specify the five or more push notifications to be sent automatically with the necessary time intervals. With this process, you create a specific automated series, a kind of string of logic… or you lighten your workload by scheduling all the push notifications to send for a month ahead.

To create a new web push automated series, go to “Push –> Automation –> Create new automated series.”

Set up all the parameters in the displayed window.

How to Send an Automated Series

Add the general data

Series name – write the general name for the automated push series. This name will be displayed for you only.

List of recipients – specify a link to the website with the subscription form for push notifications. All websites where you add this subscription form are listed in the drop-down list.

Browser language – select the suitable browser language from the drop-down list.

Days for sending – mark the days of the week when you want to send push notifications. This is not about the schedule, but about the days when sending notifications is allowed.

Time for sending – set up the time for sending push mailings. Note that this option applies to messages meant to be sent on particular days.

Create push notifications

Send a push [right away/after Х days (hours, minutes)] after the user subscribes – this is a kind of push-sending timetable. You can choose the moment you want to send – right away – or you can customize the sending time, such as after a specified number of days/after sending a previous message, etc.

Title – this is the push message subject (up to 50 characters) that your subscribers will see.

Web push text – the main text of the message up to 125 characters.

Web push link – this is a link to a landing page/product page/registration – a link to the webpage you want your subscribers to visit after clicking the push message.

New message – you have created the first push notification; now, it’s time to create the second, the third, and all the following messages.

After you fill out all the required fields, you will get something like the following form with this information:

Save the project and launch sending

You can review the statistics of the push messages under the created automated series, including sent, delivered, and clicked-through notifications.

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