How to connect your Firebase account

Connecting your account for web push notifications allows you to interact with your audience more effectively. You will be able to export user data points and implement them in your future marketing activities.

Let's talk about how to connect your Firebase account.

What is Firebase?

Firebase is Google's mobile and web app development platform that provides user authentication and real-time data storage and synchronization features.

Firebase allows you to collect analytics data, including user interactions, and utilize this information for product optimization. It also allows you to send web push notifications, making your communication with users easier and more engaging.

With Firebase, developers can speed up the app development process, focusing on functionality and value for clients.

How does the integration work?

When adding a website to SendPulse’s web push notification service, you can connect your Firebase account instead of only using SendPulse. Integrating Firebase with your website's web push notifications helps track user interactions and personalize your notifications, boosting audience engagement.

This way, you can synchronize your subscriber base, export data, or set up web push notifications for these users.

How to connect your firebase account

Create a project

Go to the Firebase website, and click Create a project. If you already have a project, go to the next section.

Enter your project name, and accept the Firebase Terms of Service.

Enable Google Analytics if necessary, and click Continue.

Copy your data

In your Firebase account, click the gear icon, and select Project Settings.

Go to the Cloud Messaging tab, and copy your Sender ID in the Firebase Cloud Messaging API section.

In the Web configuration section, click Get key to generate your key. Copy it in the Key pair field.

Click the three dots, and select the Show private key option.

Copy your private key.

Add your data to SendPulse

In your SendPulse account, go to the Push section, and click Add new website. Add a link to your website in the first field.

In the Firebase account field, select the Personal option.

Enter the copied data from your Firebase account.

SendPulse field name Firebase account data
Sender ID Sender ID under Firebase Cloud Messaging API.
Public Key Pair key in the Web configuration section.
Private key Private key in the Web configuration section.

Add an image, adjust your display conditions, and click Next step. Then, copy the code, and add it to your website to complete the setup.

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