How to add a new Viber sender name

Available with the Pro plan and above, as well as during the 7-day free trial

To send messages in Viber, you need to register a sender name. To register a name, ensure your account balance has sufficient funds, and submit an application.

Go to Email > Service Settings > Senders and Viber templates, and click Apply.

Enter your sender name

Enter a sender name that’s up to 22 characters long — it will be displayed in your profile and conversations.

Select your country

Select the country where your company is located and the countries to which you plan to send messages.

Specify your service type

Indicate the type of services your company provides (financial services, online store, media, and so on).

Select your traffic type

Select the type of messages you plan to send (personalized notifications, general notifications, or advertising messages), and provide examples of these messages.

Read our Anti-Spam Policy to find out more about prohibited campaign content types and acceptable ways to collect contact data.

Specify your traffic size

Specify how many messages you plan to send each month.

Add your company information

Enter your company's website link, description of your company's activities, physical address, and phone number.

Your company description should outline the services or products you offer — it cannot be of an advertising nature.

Add your sender and profile image

Select a sender image that will be displayed as your contact logo and a profile image that will be shown in your profile description.

Upload your guarantee letter

Download the guarantee letter template. Fill it out in English, sign it, and scan it. Attach the document to the application form in PDF format.

After filling out the form, click Submit for Registration.

Viber sender name activation can take from 7 to 30 days. Once your sender name is active, you can start creating Viber campaigns.

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