How to Export Contacts

You can export contacts from your CRM system to a file to save certain data points, process them in a table, or import them to other storage services if necessary. You can also transfer contacts to the bulk email service and stay in touch with your clients.

Let’s talk about how to select, transfer, and download contacts.

Export to a Mailing List

Used to copy contacts with variables to your mailing list to launch automated campaigns, create bulk emails, and send notifications to your contacts.

Select Contacts

Go to the “Contacts” tab. You can select only specific contacts or all of them and use a contact filter.

To use the filter, click Filter, and select filter conditions. For example, you can select contacts assigned to a certain team member, living in a certain city, or added from a certain source.

Select the contacts you need, and click Copy.

Select a Mailing List

Select the mailing list you want to copy your contacts to. You can transfer them to an existing mailing list or create a new one.

Map Variables

You can transfer additional variables and map corresponding CRM fields with your mailing list variables.

Next to each field, select the "Create a new variable" or "Don’t add variable" option, or choose an existing variable of the required type in your mailing list.

Once you set up the export options, click Copy. All of your selected contacts will be transferred to the selected mailing list in the background.

Export to a File

Used to export contacts with variables to a file on your device.

Go to the “Contacts” tab. Select the contacts you need to export. Click Export, and select the format in which you need to export them (XLSC, CSV or XLS).

The generated file will be automatically downloaded to your browser's “Downloads” folder.

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