Why Do I Need to Activate a Mailing List

The SendPulse email service follows an anti-spam policy, that’s why mailing lists need to be activated. You must provide information about the list of email addresses so we can make sure that you collected it honestly, and your subscribers agreed to receive emails from you.

How is a Mailing List Activated

As soon as you start the first email campaign to a new mailing list, the "Address activation" pop-up window appears. In the "Source of mailing list" field, select the source of the email addresses.

Source of mailing list

In the next field, describe the source of your mailing list in more detail and click the "Ok" button.

Detailed description of a mailing list source

To view an email campaign status, go to the "My campaigns" section.

Select a campaign from the list.

Open the "Campaign overview" tab.

A campaign that uses a new mailing list that has yet to be activated has a "Moderation" status.

Campaign overview

After successful moderation, the campaign will have the status "Sent" or "Scheduled" for scheduled campaigns.

If your explanation of the mailing list's source is not sufficient, SendPulse moderators may ask for more information. In this case, a request to answer additional questions is sent to the email address registered with your SendPulse account.

Follow the link in the email. On the "Moderation history" page, you can see your campaign with the "Response required" status.

Response required

Click "Response required" and answer moderators' questions.

Failed List Moderation

If a mailing list, to which a campaign is sent, does not pass moderation, the campaign appears in the campaigns list with the status "The campaign is blocked."

A blocked campaign

A notification about a blocked campaign appears above the campaign list.

If you think that the campaign was blocked by mistake, click the hyperlink in the notification, fill out the "Unlock campaign" form and send the request.

A notification of a blocked campaign

SendPulse moderators analyze the address activation requests within 24 hours in order of arrival. Please do not ignore our moderators' questions so that your campaign can be sent on time.

We also recommend that you learn what is considered to be a permission to send an email, before sending an email campaign.

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