How to collect an audience for a Viber chatbot

You can grow your bot's audience organically (when users subscribe to your bot themselves) or by importing a file with users’ contact info.

We will talk about how a user can subscribe to a chatbot and how to import a file.

How a user can subscribe independently

A user can subscribe to your bot if they follow a direct link to it. Subscribers are added to your bot audience by their Viber IDs, not their phone numbers.

Copy the link to your bot under its name. In the flow menu, you can also copy a link to launch a certain flow and share it with users.

A Viber link can only be opened on a device where the Viber app is installed. You can also generate a QR code to enable users to open a link using a camera. Read more: How to Launch a Bot via a Link or QR Code.

Every chatbot you create has an automatically generated bio link page you can customize to fit your business goals and use to grow an audience.

Read more: How to Edit Your Chatbot Landing Page.

How to import subscribers in SendPulse

To import a file with users’ contact info, you need a CSV file with their unique viber_id. Go to the Audience tab, and click Import to get it.

You can only import the data of users who were previously subscribed to your bot.

Сhoose the CSV file with your subscribers’ phone numbers. You can also upload contacts with variables to personalize messages.

In the file, each variable should be in a separate column, and each contact must be on a separate line. Columns with the headers phone and name are required.

Click Import.

How to select data to import

When importing a CSV file with multiple columns, you can import specific columns and assign them to specific chatbot variables.

Once you upload the file, in the next window, select a variable for each column. If you don't need to add a column, select Do not import. If there is no variable, you can select Create variable and fill in the fields to create a variable in the dialog window.

Click Apply.

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