How to Set Course Options

You can set the following conditions for a created course: when a student can take it, the cost, lesson order, criteria for successful course completion, and a certificate of completion.

If you have already started a course, select the "Stop course" action, go to your course settings, and change the conditions.

In this case, you can change any condition except the cost.

To configure the education options, go to the desired course in the "Settings" tab.

Course Language

Select a course language that will be used in your system emails, certificates, and course registration site.

Setting a course language does not prevent students from choosing their preferred language in their account settings.

Course Format

Select the course completion time:

Open-ended  Students can take the course at any time.
Specific dates Students can only take the course during the specified time period. Students will not be able to access the lessons and a test before and after these dates. Before the start of the course, students will only be able to see the description and structure of the lessons.

If you selected the "Specific dates" option, set the start and end dates of your course.

It is not obligatory to select an end date for your course. You can only select a delayed course start date.

During the time when the course is not available, students will see the “Lesson is not available” notification in their personal accounts.

Time Limit to Complete the Course

Available on the Pro pricing plan and higher

Select a period of time during which students can complete your course.

No limits Students can take and complete a course within any period of time, regardless of limits in days or until certain dates.
Limit in days Students can complete a course within a certain number of days. If you select this option, add the number of days during which students should complete your course from the moment of registration.

The real-time countdown starts when a student enrolls in your course (for your new students) or right after you save the settings (for your existing students).

You can limit students’ course access time from 1 to 999 calendar days.

Limit until date Students can complete a course before a certain date. If you select this option, add a date until which students have to complete your course.

Next, select how to apply the limitation.

All students Applies the limitation to those who have started your course or registered for it.
New students Applies the limitation to those who register for your course after you set up the time limit.

When students’ course completion time runs out, your course remains active, but students are not able to access it.

Your course can end sooner than students’ course completion time if your course end date precedes the given course completion end date.

Pricing Options

Available on the Pro pricing plan and higher

Select the condition for accessing the course based on the payment status:

Free The student has access to your courses for free.
Paid The student can take the course only after paying for it.

Please note that you will not be able to change the course pricing option once your course launches.

If you selected the "Paid" option, enter the cost of your course next to the payment method. This section shows all connected payment methods in the “Account Settings” > “Accept payments” tab. You can also add a page where you will redirect users after payment to retain them on your website.

Learn more: How to Receive Payments on Your Course Website

You can change the payment currency in the "Account Settings" > "General" section in the "Currency" setting.

If you created paid courses, you can check your student's payment status under their name in the "Overview" tab. The status can be "Paid" or "Unpaid."

You can view detailed information about all payments in “Statistics” > “Payments.”

Read more: Extended statistics.

Student Course Reviews

Available on the Pro pricing plan and higher

Used to display students' course reviews on the course results page in student accounts.

Select the reviews you want to show (all, 3 stars and higher, 4 stars and higher, or 5 stars and higher).

Course Lesson Flow

Select the order of your lessons:

Access to all lessons at once A non-linear order of the course. The student can access the lessons in any order.
A new lesson becomes available after completing the previous lesson A linear order of the course. The student can only access the lessons in the order you posted them and only after completing the lessons or taking the test from the previous section.

Course Completion Criteria

Select the condition for successful completion of the course and obtaining a certificate:

Complete all lessons The student has taken all lessons and noted that they have completed them.
Complete all lessons and pass the tests  the student has taken all lessons, noted that they have completed them, and successfully passed all tests with a passing score.
Pass the tests The student successfully passed tests with a passing score. Completion of all lessons is not required.
Without completion Students won't be automatically assigned the "Completed" status after they complete your lessons and tests.

Use this criterion when you need to create and publish lessons as you go (not all at once).

Once you complete your course program, you can change your course completion criteria so that students can be assigned the "Completed" status and receive their certificates.

If you choose the "Complete all lessons and pass the tests" or "Pass the tests" option, students will have to pass each test with a minimum passing score to complete your course.

You can set the number of points for each correct answer and the minimum total passing score in the test settings.

Certificate of Completion

After completing the course, your student receives a certificate of successful completion of the course.

In the certificate, you can add the name of the course, the instructors of the course, and the date it was received.

Turn the toggle switch to the "On" position to activate the automatic issuance of a certificate after meeting the course requirements.

Move the toggle switch to the "Off" position to stop issuing a certificate automatically.

Choose the certificate you want to issue: a template certificate in the "Certificates" section or your unique certificate (available with a paid pricing plan).

Read also: How to Create a Certificate and How to Upload a Unique Course Certificate.

Course Recommendations

Available on the Pro pricing plan and higher

Used to add related courses that might be interesting to students in their accounts.

For course recommendations, you can select only active or scheduled courses on the same domain.

Select where you want to display the recommendations, and choose the course you recommend:

Other courses on the result page after course completion Allows you to show course recommendations on the course results page after students complete your course.
This course in student accounts Allows you to show course recommendations on the main page of student accounts, regardless of whether they have started your course or not.

For example, if your course is called "Python Programming Fundamentals," then your related courses can be "Advanced Python Course" or "Python Web Application Development Course." This option helps students quickly find other courses that might be interesting to them and improve their skills.

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