How to view student data

After enrolling in a course, students are added to the Courses section of the selected course in the Students tab. In addition, contacts are created in the CRM section, so you can manage your students via your pipeline and communicate with them using different communication channels.

In this article, we'll talk about how to view student information in these two sections.

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View the list of students

Go to the Courses section. Select a course, and go to the Students tab.

In this tab, you'll find a list of students enrolled in your course and their data, including name, progress, assigned tags, limits, and registration date.

To view students from all your courses, go to the Audience tab.


On the right, you can click Filter to sort the list of students by the following criteria:

Registration date Select a date or one of the suggested options: last 90 days, last 30 days, or last 7 days.
Last sign-in date Select a date or one of the suggested options: last 90 days, last 30 days, or last 7 days.
Progress Select one of the options: registered for the course, started learning, completed learning, or invited.
First name Enter the first name.
Last name Enter the last name.
Email Enter the email address.
Tags Select one or more tags from the dropdown list.
Payment Select one of the options: paid, paid with a promo code, paid without a promo code, or unpaid.
Promo codes Select one or more promo codes from the dropdown list.
Group Select an available student group.
Assigned to Select an assigned team member to view their assigned students.
Course This criterion is available in the Audience tab.

Select a course from your account.

Payment status

In the Student name column, hover over the payment icon next to a student's name to view their course payment status:

Paid The student successfully paid for your course using a selected payment method
Unpaid The student did not pay for your course

You can also view students’ payment details in their CRM cards. Open a card, and go to the Payments tab.

If a payment was made through an alternative payment method and you need to grant access to the student, you can manually change their payment status. To do this, select the student, and choose the Confirm payment action.


The Progress column displays the following course completion statuses:

Not started The student registered for your course but did not open the lessons.
Started The student opened the first lesson.
In progress The student is in the process of taking your course.
Completed The student has successfully met your course completion criteria (completed all lessons and/or passed the test).
Received a certificate The student has successfully met your course completion criteria and received a certificate.

You can also see how many students have completed your lesson. Go to the Lessons tab, and next to every lesson, you will see the number of students who have completed them.


In the Tags column, you can view tags assigned to students.

With tags, you can filter your contacts by a certain attribute to be able to find them faster and manage each group individually.

To assign a tag to a student, select the checkbox next to the student’s name, and select Assign tag from the top of the actions panel. Choose the tag you have previously created in the CRM section.

The CRM and Courses sections have a common tag database. You can find students by tags in CRM > the Contacts tab and in Courses > the Students tab.

Time limits

In the Time limits column, you can view students’ course completion time limits.

No time limits The student can take your course anytime.
Up to [Date] The student must complete your course by the selected date.
Not available The student cannot access your course.

To set a course completion time limit, select a student, choose the Change time limits action, and select a limit.

Test scores

In the Test score column, you can view students' progress and test scores they have gotten throughout your course.

Registration date

In the Registration date column, you can view students’ registration dates and last sign-in dates.

Student card

You can view information about each student individually. To do this, click a student’s name in the Students tab.

Student data

On the left, you will see their name, registration date and time, the source where the student came from, and contact info.

The following options are also available:

Send push notification Send a web push notification to your student. Select a course, and enter a message title and text.
Send email Send an email to your student. Once you click this option, you will be redirected to your email client.
Go to CRM contact card Go to your student's CRM contact card in a new tab.
Block Remove your student's access to their account.
Delete Remove your student from the course. All their course progress will be lost.

You can also invite a student to other courses. Click Invite in the upper right part of their student card. In the opened modal window, select an email address from which you will send your invitation email. Then, select your course, the student's email address, and your email language. Click Invite.

To edit or add information, click Edit.


On the right, you will see your course name, website link, the student’s course review, and their total number of lessons completed. Click the arrow to see more information about the course.

Below, you will see the list of lessons, progress statuses, your student's review (if they provided one after a lesson or test), and their test scores.


You can view students’ course ratings and reviews. Click the Rating and review field to expand a student's review.

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